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About Chef Taylor Hollandsworth

I grew up in the world of high end hospitality, following my father from the California coast to the beaches of Florida where he managed departments of luxury resorts. I acquired an appreciation for the details, for how special a meal can taste in consciously curated environments. For the talent and knowledge required to produce quality food. It all started with catering weddings in high school, but college was where I discovered my own passion for cooking and fine dining. I became a pantry chef for a busy Mediterranean restaurant; falling in love with the excitement of a bustling kitchen. I turned 21 while working at a wine and tapas bar, soon discovering my talent for pairing great wines with their culinary counterparts. The city of Durango in Southwest Colorado was full of unique fusions and elevated concepts of traditional fare. Much of the inspiration for my dishes derives from my time there, and from the establishments that kept raising the bar for exemplary food and service.


Traveling the world and experiencing culture through its cuisines also set me on an unstoppable trajectory. From studying abroad in South America, living in Costa Rica, and backpacking around Europe, I found inspiration throughout every country I ate my way through. Shortly after college, I entered the yachting industry where I worked as a freelance yacht stewardess and eventually moved into a chef position. I enjoyed the thrill of traveling from port to port and having to source ingredients with whatever was locally available. I continued to teach myself new methods and cuisines as I was challenged to keep up with high profile guests and provide meals that made for unforgettable charters.  


Cooking has allowed me to express myself and evolve in a myriad of ways. Especially with my own health journey. From going vegan for 2 years, to adopting a more anti-inflammatory diet; I decided to pursue studies in holistic wellness and whole foods focused cooking. I received my certification in Raw Cuisine, Plant Based Baking, Cheese and Fermentation and Sports Nutrition while studying in Berlin, Germany; the vegan capital of Western Europe. In 2018, I also became a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach; allowing me to support clients with goal oriented meal planning. My culinary passion has brought me places: cooking outdoors for a luxury glamping resort in the Hill Country of Texas, managing a make-shift kitchen that served 300 people a day at Burning Man Festival, providing healthy meals for a tech start-up in Czech Republic, and leading the kitchen at multiple retreat centers in Montana, catering to numerous yoga and fitness focused events. There has been no shortage of life lessons and incredibly rewarding experiences. I am so grateful for that. 


Food is my love language. It’s what inspires me to learn more, give more, and grow more. I created Nourished MT (formerly Mama Tay and the Plants) with that goal in mind. To provide a service that doesn’t just feed people, but creates opportunities to connect with what is on our plates. To me, soul food is nourishment beyond what we put in our mouths. It brings comfort and satisfaction. It’s grounding yet elevates emotionally. Food made with joy should provide more of it! My goal is to use the power of good food to heal, uplift, and cultivate memories. Looking forward to cooking for you!  



Lily James, Montana Wellness Retreat Facilitator. Whitefish, MT

"We were very fortunate to have Taylor as the chef for our 5-day Wellness Retreat. Our 12+ guests were overjoyed by the beautiful, nutritious meals that Taylor created, using farm-fresh produce. All of our meals were delicious and vibrant, with nutrition and sustainability in mind. Taylor is a creative, resourceful, professional, and always pleasant (dancing, smiling, singing, laughing) chef! I would recommend her for any big events or as a personal chef!"

Carolina Cotman, Owner of Samaa Retreat Center. Big Fork, MT

“Taylor is creative, enthusiastic, organized and an absolute pleasure to work with. She has been our on-site chef for a number of yoga retreats and has surpassed any and all expectations. Her versatile menus and open mindedness made satisfying our guests possible. Put simply, she’s amazing! And her desserts, WOW!!"

Lindy Dewey, Owner of Spiritworks Herb Farm & Retreat Center. Whitefish, MT

"Meals are creative, delicious, artfully presented, and very healthy. SpiritWorks Herb Farm and Retreat Center is most fortunate to be able to offer the culinary extravaganzas of this wonderful chef."

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